Four-Side moulder series M26

Professional solution for processing reconsolidated bamboo flooring, hardwood strip, large-cutting profile and wooden house beam.


  • 1. Inverter to feed 6-30m/min. 
  • 2. Individual motor power for each spindle to ensure maximum cutting power. 
  • 3. Spindle diameter Φ50 and two pairs of high-precision bearing support, which are more suitable for heavy-duty cutting.
  • 4. All adjustment of spindles is centralized in front of machine, to be convenient to operate. 
  • 5. High chrome work table for good durability. 
  • 6. The gear case is equipped, to be good for processing the short pieces. 
  • 7. The design of double-layer work table is more reliable and effective to ensure the straightness on both sides of work piece. 


Technical Parameter


Specification & Type



Working Width Min. 20mm 20mm
Max.(max.cutting circle of 60mm 260mm 260mm
Working thickness Min. 8mm 8mm
Max.(max.cutting circle of 160mm 180mm 180mm
Min processing length 220mm 220mm
Number of spindles 6pcs 5pcs
Speed of spindles 6000r/min 6000r/min
Cutting circles Frist bottom spindle φ110-φ145mm @110-φ145mm
Right side spindle φ125-φ200mm φ125-φ200mm
Left side spindle φ125-φ200mm φ125-φ200mm
First Top spindle φ110-φ200mm φ110-φ200mm
Second Top spindle φ110-φ200mm
Second Bottom spindle φ110-φ200mm φ110-φ200mm
Spindle diameter φ50mm φ50mm
Basic motor power First bottom spindle 7.5 kW/10HP 7.5 kW/10HP
Right side spindle 7.5 kW/10HP 7.5 kW/10HP
Left side spindle 7.5 kW/10HP 7.5 kW/10HP
First Top spindle 11 kW/15HP 11 kW/15HP
Second Top spindle 11 kW/15HP   
Second Top Bottom spindle 11 kW/15HP 11 kW/15HP
Feed 5.5kW/7.5HP 5.5kW/7.5HP
Feed beam rise &fall 1.1kW/1.5HP 1.1kW/1.5HP
Total motor power 62.1kW/84HP 43.6 kW/59HP
Feed speed(Inverter for feed 6-30m/min 6-30m/min
Dust outlet diameter 150mm 150mm
Overall machine dimensions (L×WxH) 4710×1700×1700mm 4280×1700×1700mm
Weigh 5000kg 4600kg

Note: Any variation to the specification above mentioned will not be further notified since the product specification and designs keeps on changing.