Economical Four-Side moulder series M23E

Professional solution for small quantity multi-species working for light duty of four side squaring of profiling.


  • 1. Equipped with 6m/min and 12m/min feeding speed.
  • 2. The whole machine is compact in structure and equipped with multi-group pressure mechanism, which is conducive to the stability of processing quality
  • 3. Each spindle can be adjusted vertically and horizontally for milling.
  • 4. Feeding system adopts the chain for transferring, it is convenience for maintance.

Technical Parameter






Working width Min 25 25
Max. 230 230
Working thickness Min. 8 8
Max. 120 120
Number of spindles   4 5
Number of rotation   6000 6000
Cutting circle (min-max) Bottom spindle φ120 φ120
Right spindle φ110-φ180 φ110-φ180
Left spindle φ110-φ180 φ110-φ180
Top spindle φ110-φ180 φ110-φ180
Universal spindle ------ φ110-φ180
Spindle diameter   φ40 φ40
Motor power Bottom spindle 4kW/5.5HP 4kW/5.5HP
Right spindle 4kW/5.5HP 4kW/5.5HP
Left spindle 4kW/5.5HP 4kW/5.5HP
Top spindl 5.5kW/7.5HP 5.5kW/7.5HP
Universal spindle   4kW/5.5HP
Feed 1.5/1.8kW/2/2.5HP 2/2.4kW/2.7/3.3HP
Feed beam & fall 0.37kW/0.5HP 0.37kW/0.5HP
Tatal motor powe   19.37/19.67kW/26.34/26.75HP 23.87/24.27kW/32.5/33HP
Feed speed (Double feed speed)   6&12 6&12
Dust pipe diameter   φ120 φ120
Overall machine
  3420×1500×1710 4245×1500×1710
Weight(tons approx   1.7 2.4

Note: Any variation to the specification above mentioned will not be further notified since the product specification and designs keeps on changing.