RMM623SS Slice cutting Four-side moulder

Professional solution for processing anti-corrosive wood, wall hanging wooden board, sauna board etc. for high efficient processing of multi-pieces molding.


  • 1. Inverter to feed 6-30m/min. 
  • 2. Equipped with three sets of rolling wheels for easy feeding of large wood.
  • 3. Multiple sets of driving bottom rollers for enhancing feeding performance, reduce table wear.
  • 4.Equipped with a cleaning solvent storage tank, the solvent is sprayed to the saw blade with external air supply to clean the wood chips attached to the saw blade and reduce the temperature to extend the life of the saw blade.
  • 5. The saw blade has both axial air cooling and external air cooling to extend the life of the saw blade and ensure cutting accuracy.
  • 6. The out-feed end is equipped with 4 sets of active auxiliary feeding wheels, let the wood after the slcing saw unit can be smoothly sent out.
  • 7.Working thickness up to 200mm, to satisfy the great strength of needs for processing range of preservative wood and pinch plate for wooden house.
  • 8.Two high precision bearings for supporting of the front and backward of the spindle, it is more suitable for heavy cutting.
  • 9.Configuring dual anti-rebound device in front of the feeding entrance ,effectively prevent the rebounding of the wood.


Technical Parameter




Working width(mm) Min.For main machine 20
Max.For main machine 230
Min.For saw unit 60
Max.For saw unit 200
Working thickness(mm) Min 20
Max. 200
Min.thickness of slice(mm) 5
Number of spindles 6
Milling cutter shaft speed (r/min)/saw shaft speed (r/min) 6000/4000
Cutting circle (min-max)(mm) First bottom spindle φ110-φ145
Right spindle φ110-φ200
Left spindle φ110-φ200
Top spindle φ110-φ200
Right saw unit φ180-φ300
Left saw unit φ180-φ300
Spindle diameter (mm) Spindle φ40
Saw unit φ50
Motor power(kW) First bottom spindle 11kW/15HP
Right spindle 11kW/15HP
Left spindle 11kW/15HP
Top spindle 11kW/15HP
Right saw unit 22kW/30HP
Left saw unit 22kW/30HP
Feed 7.5kW/10HP
Assist feed 0.75kW/1HP
Total capacity of installed motor (KW) 97.75kW/133HP
Speed (m/min) (inverter for feed) 6-30
Dust pipe diameter (mm) φ150
Dust pipe diameter (mm) φ150
Overall machine dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 4800×1950x196
Weight (tons approx) (T) 5.3

Note:Any variation to the specification above mentioned will not be further notified since the product specification and design keeps on changing all the time.