New processing for calcium silicate boards

May 22 , 2024

With the diversity of industrial production development, Reignmac woodworking machinery R&D team continues to combine production requirements to bring more possibilities to customers. This time, let's learn about REIGNMAC double end tenoner, which has been widely used in the field of exterior wall decoration wallboard - Calcium silicate board processing in recent years.


1.Special-purpose spindle arrangement: cut-off saw + vertical milling unit + vertical milling unit


2.The adjustment of cutter shaft is faster and more convenient :The adjustment on X axis of sawing unit and X axis and Y axis of milling unit direction is equipped with the magneto scale. 


3.The pressure belt is equipped with the function of electric lifting adjustment , the adjustment of processing thickness and replacement of saw blades and tools is more simple and easy.


4.The design of adjustable angle of milling cutter shaft is conducive to the processing of different buckle types.


5.Processing effect


For more customized solution information of  double end tenoner and four side planer ,welcome to contact REIGNMAC woodworking machinery.

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